It is the year 1996. Renee Howell, 40 years old, has moved away from her crazy-making husband and the cult he’s been in. Now she is all alone in San Diego except for a few friends. Though she thrives amid the city’s bustling urban scene as well as walking and exploring its neighborhoods and beaches, she cannot resist dreaming about moving back to her beloved hometown of Wheaton, Kansas.On her annual trek to Wheaton, Renee intends to somehow come to terms with her past, accepting her own decisions and missteps, hoping that interviewing her mother and aunt about their friendship of 40 years will deliver some answers. But during the interview, she discovers some secrets about her family that shake her foundation. She begins to understand what had made her mother so unhappy—and often abusive to her and her sister—and how her parents’ relationship with God has affected her own.

Still reeling with old memories of her past along with the new knowledge of her family history, Renee returns to her life in San Diego where she must balance what she has learned with the belief that God could somehow shape the mess of her life into a thing of beauty. When there is an unexpected loss in her family, Renee ultimately does get what she had hoped for, but through someone she never would have expected–a young girl who will forever change the course of her life.

Where You See Forever is a moving tale of the power of love in an extended family, even with all its quirks and foibles. This story of reconciliation and redemption, acceptance and forgiveness is played out on the wind-tossed prairies of Kansas and the sun-kissed land of San Diego.