Cynthia Robertson, Author & Photographer

Residing in San Diego, California, I write about every corner and cubbyhole of this beautiful city, and I love writing about the people who live and work in the region. My photographs are of people, places and events, some taken during travel to other states.

For the past three decades, I have gained recognition for my well-written articles in newspapers and magazines. My bright, clear photographs often accompany the written material. Southern California Media Professionalsan affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women, has given me several state and national awards for my published articles with photographs.

Many of my articles with photographs may be viewed directly at, an award-winning website of San Diego.

My short fiction and poetry have also been published in the Acorn Review, the literary journal of Grossmont College in El Cajon, California.

With a B.A. in Spanish, I read and write fluently in that language, and I have over twelve years of experience in tutoring both Spanish and English. Comfortable with all kinds of people, I have worked closely with many ethnic groups that make up San Diego’s diverse population. For five years, I worked as Communications Coordinator for the El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Associationwriting and producing the quarterly newsletter.

My specialties include the writing of newspaper and magazine articles and photography of the subject material.

As a member of San Diego Writers’ Ink and past Secretary for San Diego Writers/Editors Guild, I have my hand on the pulse of San Diego’s writing community.

Services Offered
Writing, photography and tutoring.